Strain Gauges

Strain Gauges are used to measure loading of structural members, piles, columns, beams and props.

Vibrating Wire strain Gauges.

Vibrating wire strain gauges are available for embedment and surface mount applications. Since they output frequency, they are particulary suitable for Civil engineering applications and are easily data logged and data can be transmitted up to 1 km from the instrument.

Vibrating Wire Sister Bar.

Sister bars are used to monitor strains in concrete and typically are used in concrete piles as an option to embedment strain gauges, where they are more robust than strain gauges. The sister bar, available in various diameters, consists of a calibrated hollow reference tube containing a single vibrating wire strain gauge. The reference tube is welded to extension rebars to provide for anchorage. The Sister bars are installed adjacent to main vertical rebar. A variant of the sister bar, the brother bar, is used to connect main vertical pile rebars together so that loads act through the calibrated strain gauge section.