Products and Expertise

Our philosophy is based on your requirement to obtain sound, unambiguous data that allows you to understand and control the safety aspects of your project. The correct selection and integration of instruments in relation to the geotechnical conditions is integral to the realisation of sound data.


Our Expertise.

We supply a full range of Geotechnical Instrumentation to suit all project requirements.
  • Extensometers and Strain Gauges.
  • Load Cells.
  • Piezometers.
  • Pressure Cells.
  • Survey Points.
  • Temperature Sensors.
  • Tilt Measurement.
  • Readouts and Data Aquisition Units.
  • Packers.
  • Data logging system.
We have been at the "cutting edge" of instrumentation for the past 40 years and we have participated in many of the most important projects worldwide. Our instrumentation experience ranges through large Dams, tunnels, deep foundations, metro schemes, roads, slope stability, nuclear repositories to special instrumentation "one off" schemes.

We are particularly strong in the design and manufacture of vibrating wire equipment and in specialised equipment for specific applications.

For example, we have designed low pressure automated hydro-fracture equipment for testing the suitability of gas storage caverns and also highly innovative permeability testing equipment for nuclear repositories.

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