We are now the UK distributor for a range of inflatable packers for hydrogeological testing and for general civil engineering applications such as injection grouting in slope stability, tunnels and dams.

These packers are manufactured in Slovenia by SAVA, a world leader in rubber technology, and are designed by world renowned hydrogeological testing specialists, Solexperts of Switzerland.

Packers are available in several different configurations from single and double packers to multipacker systems. All units have exposed metal parts constructed entirely in stainless steel. Rubber sleeves are of the highest quality and constructed with steel and Kevlar reinforcement.

Packers are available in BaseRING format where the sleeves are not replaceable and ProRING design where packer sleeves may be replaced on the mandrel.

SAVA packers are very price competitive and have:-

  high inflation pressures
  large inflation diameters
  large inner diameter of the mandrel
  exceptional durability and toughness

We are able to provide custom packers for your applications, and we have considerable experience ourselves in the design and manufacture of custom instrumented packer systems for sophisticated multi transducer data logged testing of boreholes and also low pressure hydrofracture testing.

Please contact us for any advice on your application.