Crack Meters

Crack Meters are used to measure changes in cracks in concrete, brick, and masonary structures.

Vibrating Wire Triaxial Crackmeter.

The triaxial crackmeter uses 3 vibrating wire displacement transducers to measure crack displacement in X, Y, and Z axes.Typical applications include the measuring in the dimensional change of mass concrete joints on dam faces or in galleries of dams. The units are submersible to 350 m water head.

Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducer.

The displacement transducers are available in various operating ranges and the square of the frequency signal is directly proportional to the amount of displacement. These units are used in crackmeters and rod extensometers.

Mechanical Triaxial Crackmeter.

This crackmeter allows for the determination of the movement of a crack in X,Y, and Z axes. Readings are obtained manually using a digital depth gauge.